I offer a wide range of copywriting services.  If you can’t find what you need here, don’t hesitate to get in touch; chances are I can help you.

Website – In this day and age, a website is a must for anyone doing anything. However, it’s no use if the content quality of your website isn’t up to scratch.

Blogs – Keep your blog updated with new, interesting and relevant content to keep your target audience interested in your product.

Articles – If you have a story and you want someone to put it in to written words, or you just have a topic that you want covered, and you are looking for a journalistic spark to write about it, a great article can do wonders.

Email and direct mail – A well-written newsletter could help you keep your target audience on board.  Or perhaps you need to write a letter to an individual or another business, but can’t find the right words to get your message across.

Brochures, leaflets, posters and flyers – In the digital age, they might seem old-fashioned, but nevertheless, they are still relevant.  Fancy images and colours aren’t anything without quality accompanying text.

Press releases and news releases – Whatever you want to say, whoever you want to say it to, make sure all of the important elements are there, and say it well.

Product description – You might have the best product going, but is it selling? A strong, focused product description is essential.

Proofreading – Whatever you have written, and whatever it is for, sometimes you need a professional pair of eyes to read it through and comb it for any spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes.  I am also happy to edit if you are looking to improve your text.

Naming and straplines – Do you have something to market but can’t think of an eye-catching or memorable name?  Or perhaps you have the name but need that extra flourish for it to achieve its full potential.

Branding – A strong brand identity is vital.  A copywriter can help you hone your brand with the power of language, and direct it at the audience you want to be reaching.

Adverts and pay-per-click adverts – Adverts should be quick and easy for your audience to absorb.  Whatever medium it’s for – online, print, radio or television – if you have something to market, a strong advert is a must.

Recruitment adverts – The last thing you want to do is recruit the wrong the person for the job.  Good, focused copy in your recruitment adverts will ensure you are drawing in the right crowd.

Advertorials – An advertorial is the hybrid of an advert, cleverly disguised as an article. It needn’t be crafty, but can help you achieve your goals in a unique, innovative and creative way.

For more information, or to discuss your project, get in touch.

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