Perfect for publicity

What is a press release?

A press release, also known as a news release, is a great way to garner publicity without using a sales or advertising approach, giving an overview of something you consider newsworthy and timely, whether it’s something about a new product, or a new partnership your business has recently made, for example. The story, of course, needs to be interesting too, and the kind of thing people are going want to take time out of their day to read.

So much value

Press releases are relatively inexpensive. When you compare how many copies of your story will be printed with each newspaper or magazine that picks it up, and how many people are going to see it, to how much it will cost to hire someone to write something the editors will want to print, you’re getting yourself an absolute bargain in the marketing department, and who knows what extra business and opportunities it could bring you way.

Publicity doesn’t stop there, though. If you have a well-written and highly newsworthy press release, and you get it published by one publication, whether that’s in print or online, you could find editors and reporters spotting your story and reporting on it, or publishing it, for other publications and news shows, on the TV or the radio.

Local, National, or Global?

You should take into account the newsworthiness of your press release in the sense of what audience it’s going to appeal to. If your press release has a local angle, it’s unlikely that the national press are going to pick it up, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, local PR is just as important, especially if your business relies on local custom. If a good copywriter sees the potential for both local and national coverage though, they will write something for you that is newsworthy to both.

You needn’t stop at national, though. With the internet so beneficial in aiding the coverage of businesses all over the world, by getting your press release published in the right places online, you could find your story reaching people globally.

Scope and possibility 

Editors are always looking for new information to publish, and even if they use your press release to develop another story of their own, the fact they have done so rewards your press release with the points of being relevant, high in public demand, and giving useful information, and your business is still getting wide publicity and attention.

If you have some news to share, and would like a hand putting together a press release that will catch the eyes of editors and readers alike, feel free to get in touch, I’m always happy to chat. To get a taste for how I write, you can see an example of a press release I wrote in my portfolio.


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