Put your best foot line forward

If you’re having trouble making your email marketing campaigns a success, the issue could be something as seemingly small as your subject line. It may seem like a little thing, but the subject line alone is the difference between someone eagerly opening your email, or sending it to the trash. A great, attention-grabbing subject line can make all the difference. Here’s some tips that will help you get your emails read:

Never send ‘(no subject)’

It seems glaringly obvious, but you would be surprised how many email campaigns go out without a subject line. This stinks of spam, and as a result, that’s the folder it usually ends up in. Without a subject line, your recipient won’t know what it’s about, and if they don’t recognise the sender, in the busy world we live in, they’re unlikely to take the time to even open it. You can get away without a subject line with your friends or family, but with professional relations or potential customers, it’s not a good look.

Perfect the length

With subject lines, it’s good to find a balance in their length. You don’t want them too long, but at the same time, not too short either. Somewhere in the middle. A MarketingSherpa study found that subject lines between 9 and 14 words have the most chance of being opened at 25%. Subject lines of different lengths can still get clicked on though, and subject lines of 21-60 characters make up 76% of all opened emails.

Choose clear over cryptic

Though it might seem clever to be cryptic or cunning with your subject lines, you’re much better off being clear and simple. An AWeber Email Marketing study found that clear subject lines are a whopping 541% more likely to get clicked on.

Avoid subject lines that are trying to be crafty with your brand, or don’t offer any insight as to what’s inside. We all get emails headed ‘You won’t believe what we’re up to!’, or ‘Win something special’, and where do they go but the trash or the spam folder. A subject heading such as ‘5 ways to increase your social media reach’, for example, is far more compelling.

Give it a personal touch

You’ll need to really know your recipients here, but it will benefit your email campaigns tenfold, with an increase of 29.3% on click-through rates in 2015, according to MarketingSherpa. So, I’d recommend really studying your recipients, so you can send emails that mean something to them on a personal level.

Make it urgent

This point particularly translates to all marketing campaigns. Give your emails a sell-by-date, and ensure this is made clear in your subject heading. A sell-by-date could be something like a limited time only offer or discount, a competition with a deadline, or in fact anything with a deadline! Offering something that is limited edition, or with ‘only a few left’ can also work. This will make your recipient think they must act quickly, because no one likes to miss out now, do they?

Put your best words first

The first words of your subject line should be the most important ones. You’ll want your recipient to be instantly engaged from the moment they lay eyes on your new email awaiting them in their inbox. Psychologically, the most important things come first; the further down the ‘line’ it is, the less value it has.

With the ever-increasing use of mobiles to read emails, subject lines can also get cut short for lack of space on the screen, so by putting these important words first, you’ll avoid your subject lines being unread and wasted.

Find out what works best

Try out alternate versions of the same subject line to see what gets the best results – what’s getting the most open and click through rates. This A/B testing will help you progress and grow your email marketing campaigns generally.


These tips should see your email marketing campaigns make more of an impact and start to get the results you want, increasing click-through rates, conversions, and ultimately increasing business.

If you require a helping hand to create email marketing campaigns to give your business a push in the right direction, feel free to get in touch, I’m always happy to chat and discuss some options.